From our Graduates

Eric Brooks

I am 38 years old. For 21 years I have lived in the bondage of addiction. From alcohol addiction to pain pill addiction to methamphetamines addiction, I’ve been through it all. It all started at the young age of 17. That’s when I had a car accident and lost my Momma right next to me. At that time I blamed God and blamed myself and just wanted to numb the pain anyway I could. After some time I made my peace with God but I still battled severe depression so I continued to numb the pain with the things of the world. For the last three years of my addiction I was addicted to meth which is the worst drug I’ve ever known. It will change you into someone that you don’t even recognize anymore. It took everything from me and I was 2 days from eviction and homelessness. I knew I needed help and felt like I had nowhere to turn. Thank God my brother had remembered a flyer he received from a couple of guys fundraising for Recovery Soldiers Ministries eight months previously. I truly believe it was a divine appointment from God. I do not know where I would be if God had not stepped into my life and placed me into this ministry. Jesus Christ has truly changed my life since I’ve been here at RSM. I continue learning more and more each day as I continue growing in Christ. Sure it hasn’t been easy but it is such a better life than the life I was living. God has restored my relationship with my family. My son has also told me he is proud of me. I have now been clean for a year and feel great about myself! I know God has a bright future already planned for me! I feel that I am finally following God’s plan for my life. I now work at Recovery Soldiers Ministries so I am able to help God to help others that are lost and broken.