About our Ministry

Meet The Founders

President & CEO

P​resident Joshua Scalf founded R.S.M. on April 15, 2011. While serving four years in the Virginia Wise Correctional Unit, Mr. Scalf gave his life to Jesus Christ and discovered an overwhelming love for people who suffer from addiction. By the power of the Holy Spirit, he started teaching his fallen brother’s freedom from drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ. Jesus filled Joshua’s heart with love that continued to pour out of him after his release from prison in October 2014.

In 2016 Joshua married his wife Marley Scalf. After overcoming sexual abuse trauma and finding freedom from her addiction to drugs, Marley found Christ in 2012. She then started her training in faith-based recovery which led to 4 years of hands on experience in discipleship training, residential recovery and biblical advising. Together, Pastor Joshua and Sister Marley use the gospel paired with their own past experiences to light the way for those who are still in the dark.

In answering God’s call to the gospel, R.S.M. has opened Christ-centered residential recovery homes designed to help drug addicts and alcoholics surrender their lives to God and become functioning contributing Christians in today’s society.

Our Vision

To provide men and women with a faith-based recovery program that promotes spiritual development through practical biblical teaching, and comprehensive life skills that release them from the bondage of addiction.


Our Mission

To help individuals develop positive life-skills that guide them in to a deeper relationship with God and others.


Our Values

Redemption-Through the saving faith of Jesus

Recovery-From the bondage of addiction

Reconciliation-To God, family and society