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ecovery Soldier Ministries is founded by Josh Scalf. After years of the torments associated with drug addictions, Josh has a powerful testimony of being set free by the power of Jesus Christ while in prison. He speaks to churches, ministers to families of those addicted, and works with recovering addicts as they progress to become productive members of society.



  • To pour the love and grace that God has poured into our lives into the lives of countless men and women who struggle from addictions
  • To be a witness for Christ so his light would illuminate the darkness of past pain and wrongfully made choices of those who suffer
  • To reach the hearts of those hurting from a habit or hang-up and show them that there is hope in Jesus.
  • To funnel broken men and women whose lives have been stolen by addiction into faith-based recovery centers where they are mended by Christ; having the chains of their addictions broken.


  • God’s called us to not only reach those who are addicted, but to instill His hope into the family, friends, and loved ones of those that are addicted.
  • We are to open the eyes of our youth that they may become rooted deep in Christ and not be pulled into the temptations of addiction.
  • We are to make our churches and communities aware that addiction is a threat, and that it breaks up homes and families. It destroys the lives of young men and women. We must make a stand and become more than conquerors through Him that loves us.

Storm Warriors


Our Mess is the Message

Everyone has a testimony. No matter how many broken pieces are left they can still be picked up, molded together by the Lord’s hands, and used to help others who are suffering the same storm God just brought you through.


The Spirit-Filled Christian Must Be a Storm Survivor

Whether it be a loss of a loved one, financial burden, poor health, depression, damaged relationships, addictions. God strengthens us through the storm.

He is With Us Every Step

As the storm withers and the dark clouds roll away we are standing strong on God’s word and his light shines through us to show the world we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

The Truth about Addiction

MILLION Americans Abused Drugs Last Month


of U.S. Inmates are Incarcerated for Crimes Related to Drugs & Alcohol

People Died in the Last 60 Seconds due to Drugs & Alcohol


Percent of Addictions Start in Teenagers

If it’s not made it to your front door step, it’s creeping across your back yard right now. Addiction has a domino effect of destruction. It’s not only the addict who suffers. They have, grandparents, a mother, father, brother, sister, family, friend, or neighbor who is also affected by their addiction. Homes are broken, family night is lost, and people’s lives are destroyed.

The Threat of Addiction

  • Our Communities
  • Our Schools
  • Our Workplace
  • Our Homes

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